Eutropius, Short History 7.10.3


Eutropius was a scholar of uncertain origin (Italy or Asia Minor?) who served the Imperial court in Constantinople during the second half of the 4th century. During the reign of Valens he wrote a condensed survey of Roman history (Breviarium) from the legendary foundation of the city to the reign of Jovian (753 B.C.E.-364 C.E.). In this passage Eutropius cites the establishment of Caesarea in honor of Augustus.


Tanto autem amore etiam apud barbaros fuit, ut reges populi Romani amici in honorem eius conderent civitates, quas Caesareas nominarent, sicut in Mauritania a rege Iuba, et in Palaestina, quae nunc urbs est clarissima.

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Ed. Droysen 1879


Nevertheless, (Caesar Augustus) was the object of such great affection, even among the barbarians, that kings who were friends of the Roman people founded cities in his honor which were called Caesarea, such as the one in Mauretania (established) by king Juba, and the one in Palestine, which is now a very famous city.

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Rev. Bird 1993


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