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Jerome, Book of Places 163


In his lexicon of place names in Hebrew Scripture, Jerome wrote concerning marshy Saron, named at Isaiah 33:9, that in his time there were two regions called Saronas, one between Caesarea and Joppa. The same information is recorded in the parallel passage at Eusebius, Dictionary of Place Names 162, written roughly one century before Jerome’s work.


Saron, cuius et Esaias meminit dicens “in paludes versus est Saron.” usque in praesentem autem diem regio inter montem Thabor et stagnum Tiberiadis Saronas appellatur. sed et a Caesarea Palaestinae usque ad oppidum Ioppe omnis terra quae cernitur, dicitur Saronas.1

Textual Note

Ed. Klosterman 1904


Saron, which Isaiah also mentioned, saying, “Saron turned into swamp.” Even up to the present day the region between Mount Thabor and Lake Tiberias is called Saronas. All the land seen from Caesarea Palestinae as far as the town Joppa is also called Saronas.

Translation Note

Trans. J. L. Rife

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Additional Bibliography

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