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Jerome, Book of Places 137


In his lexicon of place names in Hebrew Scripture, Jerome wrote that Nafeddor, named at Joshua 11:12, was located near Caesarea on the road to Ptolemaïs (Akko), repeating his lemma under Dor Nafeth (79). He also cited the Greek translation of Hebrew Scripture by Symmachus in the late 2nd century C.E. The same information is recorded in the parallel passage at Eusebius, Dictionary of Place Names 136, written roughly one century before Jerome’s work.


Nefeddor, quod Symmachus interpretatur Maritimam. Dor autem est oppidum iam desertum in nono miliario Caesareae pergentibus Ptolomaïdem.1

Textual Note

Ed. Klosterman 1904


Nefeddor, which Symmachus translates Maritima. Dor is a city now deserted at milestone 9 for those travelling from Caesarea to Ptolemaïs.

Translation Note

Trans. J. L. Rife

Works Cited

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Additional Bibliography

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