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Anonymous Pilgrim V, 1.1


We know next to nothing about the European traveller to the Holy Land called Anonymous Pilgrim V, whose account survives in the manuscript Heiligenkreuz Bibliothek 88. The editor Wilhelm Neumann argued that, while his journey seems to have preceded the fall of Jerusalem in 1187 C.E., certain details reflect knowledge of the end of the 12th or beginning of the 13th century. The work has two parts apparently written by the same author, the first giving a straightforward itinerary and the second a survey of the region’s ethnography, religions, and environment. This passage summarizes the trip southward along the coast from Acco past Caesarea and then east up to Jerusalem.


Ego ivi de Accon in Caifa, quod est sub monte Carmeli, ubi fuit Helias propheta. Et inde veni Cesaream, deinde Assur, deinde Ioppen, deinde Rama, deinde Bethnopolin, deinde Ierusalem. Ubi intratur ad portam S. Stephani, ubi fuit lapidatus.1

Textual Note

Ed. Neumann 1866


I went from Acco to Haifa, which is below Mount Carmel where Elijah the prophet lived. Then I came to Caesarea, Assur, Ioppe, Rama, Bethnopolis, and Jerusalem, which is entered through the Gate of St. Stephen, where he was stoned.2

Translation Note

Adapted from Stewart 1896

Works Cited

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