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Isidore, born to an aristocratic family in Cartagena, was an influential scholar and Archbishop of Seville at the dawn of the Middle Ages. Beyond his bold ecclesiastical leadership in the old Roman province and his program to integrate the Spanish Kingdom of the Arian Visigoths, he wrote an encyclopedia in 20 volumes. Isidore compiled knowledge in all fields based on research across an extensive range of classical writings, which he often quoted or paraphrased. In this passage from the book on buildings and fields (de aedificiis et agris), Isidore discusses the founding of Caesarea by Herod.


Caesaream Mauretaniae oppidum Iuba rex Maurorum in honorem Caesaris Augusti condidit, quam ex eius nomine Caesaream appellavit; sicut Herodes aliam Caesaream in Palaestina, quae nunc urbs est clarissima.

Textual Note

Ed. Lindsay 1911


Juba, king of the Moors, founded Caesarea, a town in Mauretania, in honor of Caesar Augustus, and called it Caesarea from his name, just as Herod (did in the case of) another Caesarea, in Palestine, which is now a most famous city.

Translation Note

Trans. J. L. Rife


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