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Unknown, Pilgrimages and Pardons of Acre 1.1


The work written by an unknown pilgrim during the third quarter of the 13th century survives in one manuscript in Anglo-Norman French of the 14th century. It has two parts, the first describing an itinerary that abbreviates Ways and Pilgrimages, and the second describing pious visits to churches and hospices in Acre that can reduce the Christian’s soul’s stay in purgatory (i.e., indulgences). The work begins abruptly with this passage on the coastal route from Acre to Jaffa.


Ces sunt le pelrinages communes, que crestiens fount en la Seinre Terre. De la vyle de Acres à Seym Elye: iiij. liwes; de cele terre, e de la Cave Seynt Elye à la Carme, .j. liwe; e de la Carme à Seint Iohan de Tyr .i. liwe. Là yl y a une vile de Seint Iohan le Baptistre, e à .j. liwe de ileque est le peroun sur qui Dieu se reposa, devant le Chastiel Pelryn, e dedenz le Chastel gist le cors seint Eufenie, e de près est Merle: là Seint André nasquis, e deprès si est la cave là où Nostre Dame se mussa ou son fitz, pur doute des Gyws. E de ileqe à Nostre Dame de Marreis .iij. liwes: là Nostre Dame se reposa. E d’yleoque à Cesarie.j. liwe. E de yleqe à Iaphet .xij. liwes: là est un peron qe wn apele le Peroun Seint Iak, e une chapele où seint Abakuc soleint meindre.1

Textual Note

Ed. Michelant and Raynaud 1882

Textual Note

British Library, Harl. 2253, folios 68b-70b


These are the common pilgrimages that Christians make in the Holy Land. From the town of Acre to St. Elias is four leages; from that place and from the Cave of St. Elias to the Carmel(ite Monastery) is one league; and from the Carmel(ite Monastery) to St. John of Tyr is one league. There is a town of St. John the Baptist, and one league from there is the stone on which God rested, before Pilgrim’s Castle. And inside the castle lies the body of St. Euphemia, and nearby is Merle; there St. Andrew was born, and nearby is the cave where Our Lady hid with her Son out of mistrust of the Jews. And from there to Our Lady of the Marsh is three Leagues; there Our Lady rested. And from there to Caesarea is one league. And from ther to Iaphet is twelve leagues: there is a stone called the Stone of St. James, and a chapel where Habukkuk used to live.2

Translation Note

Adapted from Pringle 2018

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