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In its initial release the digital archive consists of two distinct modules: Caesarea Maritima: A Collection of Testimonia (edited by Rife) and Caesarea Maritima: A Comprehensive Bibliography (edited by Rife). Additional digital projects are in development to publish excavation data from Caesarea online. The raw digital data for is also available directly online. All bibliographic data used by both modules is held natively in a Zotero library (found here). In addition the native TEI data for A Collection of Testimonia for Caesarea Maritima is posted to a public Github repository (found here). is built on the Srophé App digital platform. The Srophé App is an open source application for digital cultural heritage designed by Winona Salesky which combines the analytic power of TEI XML, eXist-db, and linked open data technologies. The open source code for the web application is available for download from a public Github repository (found here).

General Editors

Joseph L. Rife, Vanderbilt University

Technical Editors

David A. Michelson, Vanderbilt University
William L. Potter, Vanderbilt University
Daniel L. Schwartz, Texas A&M University

Senior Programmer

Winona Salesky

Research Assistants

Bianca Gardner, Vanderbilt University
Joshua Woods, Vanderbilt University
Eliana Yonan, Vanderbilt University

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Joseph L. Rife, ed., A Digital Archive (Nashville, TN: Caesarea City and Port Exploration Project, 2020),

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Rife, Joseph L., ed. A Digital Archive. Technical design by David A. Michelson and William L. Potter. Nashville, TN: Caesarea City and Port Exploration Project, 2020.