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Caesarea Maritima: A Collection of Testimonia

This database is a compilation of references to Caesarea Maritima in ancient to early modern writings, including literature, documents, inscriptions, and itineraries.

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Caesarea Maritima: A Comprehensive Bibliography

A collection of all known works of modern scholarship and popular publications on the historic site of Caesarea Maritima.

Caesarea-Maritima.org is a growing digital archive of archaeological evidence, ancient to early modern textual evidence, and modern scholarship about the historic settlement of Caesarea Maritima (Καισάρεια/Caesarea Palestinae/قيسارية/ܩܣܪܝܐ/קֵיסָרְיָה/Keisarya/Qaysaria) on the Mediterranean coast in northern Israel today. It is a collaborative endeavor under the aegis of the Caesarea City and Port Exploration Project (CCPEP). Since 2017 CCPEP has embraced a mission of research, education, public outreach, and cultural heritage management, focusing on joint excavations by Vanderbilt University and the Israel Antiquities Authority in the heart of the ancient and medieval city. The editors of Caesarea-Maritima.org and their colleagues and consultants aim to build bridges with interested scholars, students, and a public audience as we enrich our knowledge of this important place and share that knowledge openly and effectively for common use and enjoyment. Learn more about the digital archive...

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Rife, Joseph L., ed. Caesarea-Maritima.org: A Digital Archive. Technical design by David A. Michelson and William L. Potter. Nashville, TN: Caesarea City and Port Exploration Project, 2020. https://caesarea-maritima.org.