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Riccoldo da Monte di Croce, Book of Pilgrimage 6.23-6.28 "Cesaream", "Cesarea", and "Caesarea" are directly attested at Riccoldo da Monte di Croce, Book of Pilgrimage 6.23-6.28. This passage was written ca. 1288-1291 C.E. possibly in Baghdad.URI:
Rorgo Fretellus, Description of the Holy Places 430-431 "Caesaream", "Caesarea", "Turris Stratonis", "Caesareae", and "Strato’s Tower" are directly attested at Rorgo Fretellus, Description of the Holy Places 430-431. This passage was written ca. ca. 1137 C.E. possibly in Nazareth.URI:
Rufinus of Aquileia, Clementine Recognitions 1.12 "Caesaream Stratonis", and "Strato’s Caesarea" are directly attested at Rufinus of Aquileia, Clementine Recognitions 1.12. This passage was written ca. ca. 400-408 C.E. possibly in Rome.URI:
AuthorAdomnán (1)Aelius Herodian (2)Al-Muqaddasī (2)Al-Yaʿqūbī (1)Alaric II (1)
Albert of Aachen (1)Ammianus Marcellinus (1)Anonymous Pilgrim V (4)Anonymous X (1)Apammon (1)Apollonius of Tyana (1)Artemidorus of Ephesus (1)Aëtius of Amida (1)Bede (1)Burchard of Mt. Sion (4)Choricius of Gaza (8)Claudius Ptolemy (2)Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus (3)Cyril of Scythopolis (7)Damascenus the Studite (1)Dietrich (3)Dionysios bar Ṣalibi (1)Epiphanius of Salamis (6)Ernoul (1)Eunapius (1)Eusebius of Caesarea (57)Eutropius (1)Evagrius Scholasticus (4)Gelasius of Cyzicus (1)Gennadius Scholarius (1)George (1)George Choeroboscus (3)George Syncellus (9)George the Monk (1)Gerontius (1)Gregorius bar Hebraeus (1)Gregory of Nyssa (1)Gregory the Miracle-Worker (3)Hierocles (1)Hippolytus of Rome (1)Ishoʿdad of Merv (1)Isidore of Seville (3)Jacques de Vitry (1)Jerome (37)John Chrysostom (2)John Malalas (8)John Moschus (3)John Phocas (1)John of Würzburg (1)Josephus (44)Julian of Ascalon (1)Julius Honorius (1)Justinian I (9)Landolph the Sage (2)Ludolf von Sudheim (1)Luke the Evangelist (14)Marcianus of Heraclea (1)Marino Sanudo the Elder (15)Mark the Deacon (6)Matthew Paris (1)Nicetas Choniates (1)Origen (4)Palladius of Aspuna (1)Palladius of Galatia (2)Peter the Deacon (1)Philo (3)Photius (10)Pliny the Elder (2)Pomponius (2)Priscian (1)Procopius of Caesarea (4)Procopius of Gaza (5)Pseudo-Aelius Herodian (1)Pseudo-Clement of Rome (3)Pseudo-Odoric of Pordenone (1)Pseudo-Scylax (1)Riccoldo da Monte di Croce (1)Rorgo Fretellus (1)Rufinus of Aquileia (1)Saewulf (2)Sarapion (1)Severus of Antioch (1)Socrates of Constantinople (15)Sozomen (7)Stephanus of Byzantium (2)Strabo (1)Suetonius (1)Tacitus (3)Theodoret of Cyrrhus (10)Theodosius (1)Theodosius II (1)Theophanes of Hermopolis (7)Theophanes the Confessor (11)Thietmar (2)Unknown (41)Wilbrand of Oldenburg (1)Zachariah of Mytilene (2)Zenon (1)
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WorkActs of the Apostles (14)Against John of Jerusalem (1)Against Jovinianus (1)Annals (1)Antonine Itinerary (2)
Apocryphal Acts of Peter (1)Apology Against Rufinus (2)Apostolic Constitutions (1)Best Divisions for Knowledge of the Regions (2)Biography of the Caesars: Claudius (1)Book of Lands (1)Book of Nations (2)Book of Pilgrimage (3)Book of Places (5)Bordeaux Itinerary (3)Candelabrum of the Sanctuary (1)Chronicle (31)Chronographic Selection (9)Church History (57)Circumnavigation of the Inhabited World (1)Clementine Recognitions (1)Code (1)Commentary on Daniel (2)Commentary on Joel (1)Commentary on Matthew (2)Commentary on the Gospel of John (1)Correct Spelling (1)Declension of Nouns (1)Description of the Holy Land (5)Description of the Holy Places (1)Dialog on the Life of St. John Chrysostom (1)Dictionary of Place Names (4)Digest (2)Easter Chronicle (7)Eastern History (1)Embassy to Gaius (3)Epitome of Artemidorus’ Geography (1)Etymologies (3)Exhibit of the Whole World and its Peoples (3)From the Laws or Customs in Palestine (1)Geographic Description (1)Geography (3)Great Dictionary of Word Origins (1)Histories (2)History (1)History of the Journey to Jerusalem (1)Holy Pilgrimages (1)Holy Places (3)Homilies (2)Homilies on the Acts of the Apostles (1)Homily on 1 Samuel (1)Honors for a Musician, IAph2007 (1)Honors for an Athlete, IAph2007 (2)Illustrious Men (10)Institutes (2)Introduction to Grammar (1)Invocation of Isis, P.Oxy. (1)Itinerary from London to Jerusalem (1)Itinerary of the Holy Places (1)Itinerary, P.Zenon (1)Jewish Antiquities (18)Journey in the Holy Land (2)Latin Life of Melania the Younger (1)Lausiac History (2)Letter (3)Letter Concerning Compulsory Public Service, P.Nessana (1)Letter to Demetrous, P.Lips. (1)Letter to Dorotheos, P.Oxy. (1)Letter to Gregory the Miracle-Worker (1)Letter to Stephen the Reader (1)Letters (11)Library (10)Life of Constantine (3)Life of Euthymius (2)Life of Gregory the Miracle-Worker (1)Life of Melania the Younger (1)Life of Porphyry (6)Life of Sabas (5)Lives of the Philosophers and Sophists (1)Map of the World (1)Martyrs of Palestine (25)Medical Practice (1)Medicine Cabinet, or Against Heresies (5)Military Account of Military Camels, P.Nessana (1)Military Account, P.Nessana (1)Miscellaneous History (2)Natural History (2)Novels (4)Panegyric to Origen (3)Panegyric to the Emperor Anastasius (1)Parsings (1)Parsings on Psalms (1)Petition from Veterans, PSI (2)Piacenza Itinerary (1)Pilgrimage to Jerusalem and the Holy Land (2)Pilgrimages and Pardons of Acre (1)Pilgrimages to Jerusalem (1)Plots (3)Praise for the Emperor Anastasius (1)Prayer (1)Prologue and Notes on Theodosius of Alexandria’s Introductory Rules (1)Quantity (1)Recognitions (1)Roman Law of the Visigoths (1)Secret History (4)Secrets for Those Faithful to the Cross (15)Short Description of the Holy Places (1)Short History (1)Speeches (8)Spiritual Meadow (3)Suda (9)The Collector (2)The Holy Land (2)The Holy Places (3)The Jewish War (24)The Life of Josephus (2)The Life of Severus (2)The Teaching of the Recently Baptized Jacob (1)Theodosian Code (1)Theophany (1)Travel Guide (1)Treasury (1)Treasury of the Orthodox Faith (1)Trip to Antioch, P.Ryl. (7)Untitled (4)Ways and Pilgrimages of the Holy Land A (1)Ways and Pilgrimages of the Holy Land B (1)Weights and Measures (1)
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Language of TestimoniumAncient Greek (309)Anglo-Norman French (1)Arabic (2)Latin (124)Old French (5) View All
Historical Era ComposedByzantine Period, 324-638 CE (216)Crusader Period, 1099-1291 CE (37)Early Hellenistic Period, 331-166 BCE (1)Early Islamic Period, 638-1099 CE (56)Early Nabatean Period, 331-36 BCE (2) View All
Historical Era(s) MentionedBabylonian and Persian Periods, 585-331 BCE (6)British Territorial Administration, 1917-1920 CE (1)Byzantine Period, 324-638 CE (209)Classical Period, 480-336 BCE (7)Crusader Period, 1099-1291 CE (47) View All
Place ComposedAachen (1)Acre (1)Aegean Greece (15)Alexandria (7)Alexandria or Rome (1) View All